5 Upcoming NFTs projects you should be adding to your watchlist

A few NFTs are more valuable than some companies listed on the stock market. People can now see why NFTs are being hoarded, and most of them have a clear idea of what are NFTs. So what if the popular NFTs are beyond your means? Being a proud owner of one is more plausible than ever because there are a bunch of new NFT projects lined up for you.

Here is a list of 5 upcoming and exciting NFT projects:

1. Meta Triads

Meta Triads is a cool NFT project to watch out for. The NFT collection, like usual, comprises 10,000 aesthetically pleasing characters that are algorithmically generated. These characters have got a cyberpunk look and have a lot of intriguing, minute details to them. It’s unique in the sense that these characters come in 3 forms: Humanoid, Human, and Hybrid. The suspense lies in the introduction of a super rare Meta Triad, the role of which will be clarified in the future.

To give a good fight to a few top NFT marketplace, the project is introducing colossal fashion brands to the metaverse via their marketplace. They intend to do so by making it easy for these brands to convert their physical apparel to virtual products. The best part is that those who own Meta Triad NFT get a share of their marketplace. Each time an item is sold in the MetaTraid marketplace, the NFT owners get a cut.

2. Rich Cats Nation

Rich Cats Nation NFT is a collection of 1,000 cat-based characters anchored on the Binance blockchain. These cats have fun traits, expressions, and clothing with their own personality.

The ownership of the Rich Cat NFT gets you to access to the Rich Cat Nation exclusive club. They come with benefits like access to NFT airdrops, in-person events, and unique merchandise. There are plans to introduce a play-to-earn game model and breed Rich cats to produce Rich Kitties in the future. The limited number of collections is said to create scarcity and value appreciation.

3. Silks

Fascinated with the horse races in Peaky Blinders? Allow us to introduce Silks, a metaverse play-to-earn game for virtual horse racing. Initially, 10,000 Silk Avatars will be dropped. The Avatars are the horse riders in the metaverse. Going forward, the collectibles will also include land to build farms, horses for racing, and stables for those horses. The NFT horses will be linked to real-world racing horses. The project will make use of “oracles” to get information on the horse’s training, competition stats, and lineage.

You can earn if your horse does well, or by breading, and speculating about other horses. This is a well-thought-out project and feels like it will be one of the best NFT projects out there.

4. Reflective Collective

Have you wondered what it is like to be on other planets? Or a parallel dimension if you will? Imagination has no bounds and Reflective Collective enables your imagination to run wild. It is a secret society where people can see a parallel version of themselves in a mirror that modifies the current refection into the parallel dimension twin. It has a collection of 10,000 NFTs with great emphasis on art. They have included fashion as a prominent part of the project and have plans to customize apparel on-demand. It’ll be interesting to hear the details regarding how they plan to blend art, fashion, and imagination going forward.

5. DeAngels

8888 Angles will now be strolling around in the NFT marketplace. Thanks to DeAngels! Who said only demons like Lucifer are popular? Angles can be popular too. DeAngles already has over 54,000 members on its Discord channel, creating a huge buzz on the internet. These characters have a 3D art edge to them with unique personalities, of course.

The developers are ambitious about the project and are working on implementing breading mechanisms and a play-to-earn model. They have yet to provide full details of the game, but they have promised the holders of DeAnglel NFT to provide easy income-generating opportunities. The team behind the project has done a phenomenal job so far. Overall, this NFT project seems promising.


All you have to do is pay a small NFT gas fee to be an owner of these upcoming NFT projects. NFT hoarders are nothing short of a cult. We hope to see you join us!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is not intended to provide investment or financial advice. Investment decisions should be based on the individual’s financial needs, objectives, and risk profile. We encourage readers to understand the assets and risks before making any investment entirely.



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Zipmex is a Singapore-based digital asset exchange with a suite of digital asset products and 24/7 customer support.